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"Cozies" are awesome!


Books! What would we do without them? I literally go crazy if I don't have a current book, ready to snatch up at a moment's notice. In fact, it would be near impossible to fall asleep without reading at least a few pages of a book. Through the years I have enjoyed biographies, romance, science fiction and even steam punk--although I didn't know it by that curious name. But now that I am older, I find my fav genre is a good ol' cozy mystery. A few of my treasured authors are Edie Claire, Sue Henry, Laura Childs--oh, the list goes on! The old adage, "you are what you eat," most likely applies to books, too, because I find I enjoy writing cozy mysteries more than anything else. Yes, I have dabbled with romance and science fiction, adventure and paranormal, but, truly, to be honest, I wallow with delight over a who-done-it. Hence my titles: THE CHINESE CHEST, SWAMP SECRETS, WHO DONE IT, SHADE AND SHADOW...etc. etc.

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